Samsung Galaxy Tab A
9.7" Wifi

Engage with work or just have a bit of fun with the Galaxy Tab A 9.7" LTE 16GB Tablet from Samsung. Designed to be user friendly, personalised, and help you manage multiple tasks, the Galaxy Tab A is a powerful multi-purpose Android device.   

Key Features
  • Stay on top of all your tasks with the Galaxy Tab A's new Multi Window feature that lets you keep 2 apps open side-by-side.***
  • Built with a Kids Mode, the 9.7" Galaxy Tab A can keep your kids happy and engaged while keeping them safe and your own content secure.
  • With new personalised logins, the Tab A allows you to save your favourite settings and apps under an individual profile that is kept separate from other users.
  • Front and back facing cameras are included in the Galaxy Tab so you can capture the moments that matter to you.
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode ensures maximum battery life by shutting off non-essential apps when the power is running low.
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